About Us

Hello and welcome! I’m Kenny, proud owner of KBoards Productions, LLC.I was born and raised in Seekonk, Massachusetts. I’ve always been interested in art, and my dad got me interested in photography when I was really young.When I was a young man, I got into Boy Scouts and worked hard to become an Eagle Scout by the time I turned 18. I learned a lot about how to conduct myself, what it meant to be a leader, and how to be a great friend, too. The values of Scouting are very near and dear to me and are present in how I run my business.I did my Scouting all throughout high school, which is where I got involved with the A/V club. But as I got more and more into doing the A/V work, a real passion for doing video took root in me. I had created a team that did school productions, like the video yearbooks, highlight reels for all of the sports teams’ seasons, and the school news program.By graduation, I’d done more than 600 hours of work for my A/V team, and we accomplished so much together.Those hours meant the world to me, and my passion led me to start my company.

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" Working with Kenny has been a fantastic experience. He’s top-notch. He’s responsible and professional. The quality has been great and I can’t say enough good things about him! "
~ Sean Smith, Pastor at Stonecoast Community Church


Videography Services

We offer a full suite of video production services ranging from event coverage, commercials, band productions, production design, and editing.Whether the film is going to be used for web/ social channels, broadcasts, or live streaming, we guarantee that our array of top-notch equipment and experienced editors will get the job done.


We cover your wedding with top-of-the-line cinema-grade equipment to give you the best quality possible. Our experience allows us to work fluidly with DJs, event organizers, caterers, you name it. We take great care to make sure the important details are captured on video, ready, and available to let you experience the magic of your beautiful wedding again and again. For those who can’t attend in person, we also offer live-streaming services to Facebook and YouTube.

Sports Coverage

If you have a game that needs recording, look no further than KBoards Productions. Our cinema-grade camcorders capture every second of your team in stunning 4K quality. We can edit the film to make anything from highlight reels, season or game recaps, or even training videos. Our experience makes filming any game - whether it be football, basketball, soccer, anything - a pleasurable experience to view.

Event Coverage

We’re as excited about your event as you are! Our top-of-the-line, cinema-grade Sony cameras and dazzling Rode microphones are built to make sure your event, whatever it be, comes out crisp and stunning. We have plenty of experience filming events of all kinds, like service projects, grand openings for businesses, or community gatherings! Whatever you need, choose the professional choice.

Band Productions

Have a gig coming up? Need a crew of trained and professional roadies at your side? We’ve got you covered! With plenty of experience recording bands of all kinds, we make equipment setup, breakdown, and mixing a breeze. Schedule an appointment with us to book us for your gig!


Looking to showcase your brand-new products to clients on TV? Trying to expand your audience and generate recognition for your brand? KBoards Productions is no stranger to creating compelling commercials designed to bring in new clients. Our top-of-the-line, cinema-grade equipment is the professional choice for the highest quality commercials on television.

Production Design

Our experienced and friendly staff are ready to help you with whatever kind of production you need. We offer services that include but aren’t limited to live streaming, conference filming, and we can accommodate most needs for production design. If you’re interested, book a consultation with us and we can discuss your needs in detail!

Video Editing

KBoards Productions offers video editing services to our clients. Whether we film your event or someone else did, our experience with the industry choice, Adobe, is sure to leave your jaw hanging in wonder. No style of video is stranger to our team of editors, whose combined experiences offer a wide variety of creative lenses to design the perfect video for your event.


Photography Services

We offer a range of photography services, ranging from portrait & product photography to lifestyle and event photography for trade shows, family events, award ceremonies, sports events, and more.We have extensive experience in event coverage in a variety of shooting environments, and are equipped to take documentary-style photos that are on-brand and cover your shot-list!